Your perfect wardrobe doesn’t exist


Your perfect wardrobe doesn’t exist. That is something I need to constantly remind myself of. Living in this day and age, where brands make new items available everyday (!) and social media creators constantly produce new content surrounded by those items, it's hard to not get caught up feeling you don’t have enough - or what you do have is old and inadequate.

I definitely struggle with those feelings from time to time. Beautifully made clothes are everywhere and the fear of missing out on getting the ‘most perfect blouse of your life’ can be ‘unbearable’. The fact is though, in the end, clothes are just clothes. (I know, groundbreaking)

It might seem odd for me who just started this blog bring up such a downer subject to the mix, but I think this is a good reminder to myself that I don’t need to aspire for perfection all the time.

Perfectionism takes a big role in my life when curating my ‘perfect wardrobe’ and I know I am not the only one who struggles with that! If ‘you are what you wear’, it is actually appalling if someone didn’t care that their wardrobe represents or not who they are in a world that your appearance is the first feature other people see.

Luckily, not everyone thinks this way and I also only believe in this up to an extend. People is what make people, not garments.


Trends will come and go, that’s fashion in a nutshell. Although you might identify your style more with a trend at a certain time, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find pieces that you love later on as the trend disperses.

Being a fashion victim is one of the big reasons why people - including me - are never happy with their wardrobes. If one is always aspiring for the new and undiscovered, there is no space for appreciation in what is already acquired and known.


Granted, I see myself with a very defined personal style and aware of what works for me, but even so I am still ever changing and incorporating new facets to my personality and therefore, wardrobe.

I reckon that acknowledging that is the secret to find peace with our wardrobes - we are fundamentally always changing, ageing, evolving. Our wardrobes reflect that.

What is to our taste today couldn’t be tackier tomorrow, this is part of the fun in the self-discovery journey.

Being imperfect with our clothes is, in fact, totally perfect.


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