All the spring clichés

Last week we went to Portugal for 6 days and our first stop was Lisbon, where we stayed for two nights. Normally it’s expected to have spring in full bloom by March, but this very unusual winter gave us a rather cold and wet Portugal instead. Frankly, I had booked this holiday expecting some sun and vitamin D, but I am really grateful that the weather allowed me to experience a more unexplored Lisbon. Even the main touristic spots weren’t overly hectic. The temperature was around 13C and I was happy to wear my cord jacket and not freeze as I have been in the UK!


This being our first time in Portugal, I have gone a little bit over excited with my wardrobe and brought all my loud, azulejo inspired clothes. (Who doesn’t want to make use of the most perfect instagram backdrop ever?)

Safe to say I have barely worn them as it was either too cold or too wet. This can only mean that we must book another trip for summer, as I think Portugal will literally shine!


As we all know, pastels are back with the spring and is embodied in the shape of these lemon corduroy trousers from Zara, which fit like a glove! Wish they have done this cut in an array of different colours, I would have bought them all.

Polka dots return for yet another year and I’m happy with the prospects of wearing this shirt without anyone calling me ‘Austin Powers’ for the foreseeable future. (fingers crossed!)

I apologise for the ever frowning expression on my face - sun ALWAYS seems to shine the minute I decide to take pictures! Note to self: bring sunglasses out.



Shirt: Vintage via Pop Boutique (Similar 1, 2) | Trousers: Zara | Shoes: & Other Stories | Bag: Vintage (Similar)