How to wear vintage clothes in a current way

Judging by my previous blog posts you may notice that I wear a lot of vintage and second hand. I have been shopping at vintage stores, charity shops and eBay since my early teens and for one point in my life I wore vintage items from the 1960s and 1970s exclusively.

I find this an interesting fact, as I feel that this period of my life really shaped my personal style.Even when I wear an outfit consisting entirely of modern pieces I can still see the influence both decades have upon me.


There is something magical and whimsical in wearing a vintage piece that makes you feel transported to a bygone era a là ‘Somewhere in Time’. It can give you an extra notch of confidence or just make you feel special to be wearing an one-of-a-kind garment.

Having some sort of fashion history background, or just a general interest can be an asset when trying to translate vintage pieces to a modern wardrobe. Trends are no more than one big ol’ loop - things come and go and nowadays you should be able to find a second hand or vintage ‘dupe’ to anything that is currently trendy.


Taking this handbag as an example; I have bought it recently after taking inspiration from the new Mansur Gavriel collection. Plaits and checks are a big print for SS18, but they are far from being something new. The bamboo closure reminds me of Gucci’s new bamboo handles, which are reminiscent of bags from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

This little bag embodies two key Spring/Summer trends and it could easily be sold on high street shops today. The secret when using vintage but keeping it updated is by paying attention to what designers are creating -then go straight to the original source.


The best suggestion I can give you is: find something you like and research about it. It’s almost certain that you will find something similar that was made thirty or forty years ago. Do give it a try and I hope this has been helpful to you in some way!


Blouse: H&M | Trousers: Paloma Wool (Similar | Similar) | Shoes: Asos (Similar) Bag: Vintage (Similar)