The importance of fellowship


Here I am, on a Liverpool train back to London, using my time wisely and writing as many blog posts I can squeeze out of my tired little brain.

As I was thinking of topics to write about, my mind wandered around the same complex subjects I tend to babble on here most of the time. Then, it just hit me: fellowship. It is easy to develop this subject as my inspiration comes from the person behind the camera in these pictures.

Sometimes you will find the most important people in your life where you least expect. People who will be by your side and understand when you are going through a rough patch.

This kind of fellowship is different than the normal comradeliness a colleague might give you, it comes from finding friendship amongst the horsecrap (aka work).


Through our job, I met this amazing woman and it was love at first sight! We both are very assertive, strong-minded Leos which destiny put together for a reason. There was no denial that we would be close, up to this day it still scares me how much in common we have!

There were times that one of us would be in distress, the other one would always be there, ready to help and never judging. You may say, “oh well, that’s friendship for ya”. I am here to say that yes, but also more than that! Friends and family will always support and help us, but a fellow is the one who will understand your struggles better than anyone else.


Finding a friend at work creates this special bond that should last for a long time. You both have been through thick and thin together and are basically like an old married couple. This fellowship is what makes a dull job bearable, is the first person you tell about a new project, the person you hope will listen to your personal insecurities and affirm your greatness when necessary.


Thanks to this fellowship, I have someone to hold me accountable for with my personal projects, someone that supports me or, in this case, takes pictures of my outfit in a parking lot.


Blouse: H&M x William Morris | Trousers: Zara (Similar) | Bag: Staud (Similar) | Boots: Miista (Similar|Similar)