The ultimate Christmas outfit

Gold Court Heels | Sparkly Green Dress| Hair Clips | Red Velvet Dress | Velvet Pouch Bag

The holiday season always comes with my favourite things to do every year: Christmas markets, mulled wine, stocking fillers and dressing up. I have always been an over-dresser and will dress fancy even for at home dinners! I think it comes from my mother – she always put beautiful tables for holiday gatherings and as a child, she would put us cute dresses and dolly shoes… Maybe that is just a reminiscence of my 1980s upbringing, but I ain’t complaining!

When I moved to England I adopted the ‘Xmas jumper’ for a few years, but lately, I have been feeling all the sparkles! I’m wearing the Asos number above for Christmas day and I’m lushing for these Miss L Fire heels for months now, hopefully, will be able to snap them soon. For boxing day, I will keep it casual with my new favourite jumper, it’s comfy, snuggly and warm – a hangover on holidays perfection!

No matter what, I think the key to any outfit is: comfort. Finding a dressy outfit that isn’t tight (size up if necessary), made of stretchy materials to grow with your belly after the Christmas feast. Also, you can always go to the casual route without wearing pyjamas or looking like a potato (even if you feel like one). Below are some pieces that you might still have the chance to get before the holidays, or use them as inspiration for something you already own!

Dressy Xmas


Comfy boxing day

I really can't wait to look like a tree bauble on Christmas night and like a fluffy sheep on Boxing day! What are your outfit plans for this holidays?