Daytime Glitz

Party season might be over, but that doesn't mean we aren't allowed to wear all of our sparkly bits any time we feel like. I myself, for example, like to rock a lurex piece all year round! One of the main reasons why I reckon people reserve their shiny garments for night-outs and the holidays may be because they are unsure that they can pull them off on casual settings.

I'm here to show you how I go all-out with the glitz during daytime - hopefully that will inspire some of you to do the same with the pieces you have at home! Let's try to cut down the cost per wear of our so called 'party clothes', shall we?

Everything from this look, apart from my handbag, is vintage. Realising that most of my outfit is composed by second-hand items always give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I suggest going for second-hand and vintage items whenever possible, but especially when it comes to more specific, 'out there' clothes. Not only are these pieces commonly made from synthetic materials, but people also tend to not wear them often enough to justify buying expensive designs from high-end brands.

Party wear that is produced by fast fashion retailers seem to fall apart after just a few wears, which re-enforces my suggestion of going for second-hand instead. Not only are they better for the pocket, but if you manage to find a good quality vintage piece, they will last longer and will not contribute to the ever growing textile waste. Now that we got that out of the way, we can go through some tips on how to make this type of clothing more wearable and adapted to our day to day life.

First tip: Jeans and a nice top

Nothing is simpler than putting a pair of jeans on. Go for a relaxed fit with flat chunky shoes and you will have a 'cool girl going to brunch' look down to a T. A cardigan can be added if you are braving the cold outside and it will give you extra casual points as well.

Second tip: Fancy fabric, casual cut

Take for example the polo neck top that I am wearing in these pictures. Jumpers and polo/turtle necks are items we usually see in our daily outfits, but when made of a more stand out fabric, like lurex or velvet, they instantly become more elegant. This style of party clothes is easier to tone down because their cut is already the same as a basic wardrobe staple. Just pair those pieces with the same items as you would do with their casual counterparts.

Third tip: In doubt, make it bright

Most of the time, colour can be what makes an outfit either suitable for day or night. Wearing glitter with dark colours and fabrics like velvet and satin will make the whole look more evening appropriate. On the other hand, bright colours are highly likely to be associated with daytime, so leaning towards them will help your own and other people's brains to associate your outfit with daylight. A going-out blouse with fun coloured trousers or a wool skirt can help bring the shine down a notch. In the case of a party dress, wearing high denier coloured tights with trainers and an oversized jumper over it can really help casual things down.

Fourth tip: Screw fashion rules and go all out

So far, the tips I have gathered have been all about how to demure the sparkle, but honestly, you don't have to tone down if you don't want to! The good thing about personal style is that it only depends on your own desire of wanting to wear whatever you like! Sparkles and glitter is a personal preference and not a necessity for either party-time or daytime, but if they are to your taste, don't let old-fashioned conventions take away the fun from your wardrobe.


I only went to my local pub the day I took those pictures, but I was definitely feeling the lurex that day! I have a beautiful green sparkly dress from Joanie that I still haven't had the opportunity to wear, but I am thinking of going for pizza this weekend and might take my own advice and wear this beauty that has been sitting in my wardrobe.

I would love to hear your tips for dressing your party clothes on daytime - is there anything that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments section!