My first month without buying fast fashion

Can you believe how fast January has passed? I feel that this month I have been constantly trying to catch my breath as the days and weeks have come and gone in a blink of an eye! It feels like as if I have just finished writing the post about my 2019 goals of becoming a more conscious consumer.

I thought it would be interesting to keep an update diary where I can put into words the whirlwind of emotions that this new journey has been and where it will be taking me from this point forward. I truly hope that I will develop some kind of a muscle memory regarding shopping sustainably in a way that will soon become effortless to me!

I reckon that January was an easy month to stand back and not feel the pressure to consume new things every week. I started the new year feeling completely saturated by things, thanks to the holidays and Christmas shopping involved in the previous month. This is definitely not exclusive to me, as I could tell that most people have felt the same! Not only we get a little overwhelmed after so much shopping, we also want to recoup our time and money, so being frugal in January isn’t really groundbreaking.

Having this ‘group-mind’ around not going crazy with shopping really helped. I had also purchased a couple of items after Christmas that arrived in the new year, which probably made me feel a little like cheating as these items arrived at my door! Perhaps that is another reason why I didn’t feel like I was missing much this month.

Although I can happily report that I passed the test of the first 30 days, I have to acknowledge the amount of times that I have been triggered to want something new. More often than not, I see something on instagram and my initial response is ‘oh this is so perfect! I need this’. Sometimes, my mind is strong enough to stop there, other times, I see myself having a little sneak on websites and even adding things to my basket. Same thing happened at the first week of January - I went to a Zara near my work that was full of offers, grabbed a couple of trousers that I have been eyeing for the whole season, but the queue was so long that it gave me time to process what I was about to do and I’m so glad I decided to leave the premises straight away. Since then, I haven’t been back to a high street shop and have been avoiding their websites, which made my FOMO almost completely disappear.

This challenge also made me realise how much I seek comfort in purchasing all sorts of things, second-hand, other objects or even food. I’m more aware of my spending habits and how I turn to shopping anytime I feel I’m ‘lacking’ something. The truth is, I couldn’t be further away from lacking, I have a wardrobe full of clothes, my fridge and pantry are stocked up and even my cupboard under the stairs is full of extra objects that I can’t fit in my fully furnished home.

I digress, but what I mean is that, by quitting fast-fashion, I have become more sensitive to what causes me to spend my money without putting any thought to it. By setting boundaries like not buying cheaply made items and sticking to only 2 clothing pieces a month, I have created a transparent wall that helps me think before I act, and this action has spread through different aspects of my life.

These are just my first thoughts on how ceasing to shop for frivolous items is changing my mindset. I’m interested to see how more I will change as the year goes by! Didn’t expect for this much to happen when I shared my goal for this year, but I guess that is the beauty of things, we are never quite sure on how they will pan out!

Dress: Morris&Co. for H&M (old 😉)